Colt Burgess Rifle 1884 .44-40 calibre

24” barrel, rarely found in the UK.  Very good condition, nice patina, woodwork very good, mechanically sound, good bore.

Price: £4,200.00

Taurus .357 Long Barrel Revolver

Stainless steel. New gun

Price: £695.00

Walther PPQ .22 Long Barrel Pistol

Blued . With red dot mount. New gun

Price: £950.00

CZ452-2E Varmint

.22 rimfire.  20″ Heavy barrel, screw cut.  Bolt action. Laminated thumb hole stock.  Studs for sling fitted. New gun.

Price: £585.00

Rossi Puma

Calibre .357 .  19″ barrel.  Lever action. Second hand, good condition.  Commission Sale.

Price: £295.00

CZ452 American

Calibre .17HMR .  22″ screw cut barrel.  Bolt action.  Hawk 3.5-10 x 50 Endurance scope. Second hand, good condition.  Commission Sale.

Price: £350.00

Ruger 1022

Calibre .22 Rimfire .  18″  screw cut barrel with moderator.  Semi-auto.  Stainless steel with Beech stock. Red Dot sight and sling swivels fitted.  Second hand gun, good condition. Commission sale.

Price: £350.00

CZ527 American

Calibre .222 .  22″ barrel.  Bolt action 5 shot box magazine.  Second hand.  Commission sale.

Price: £350.00


Calibre .22-250 .  21″  barrel.  Bolt action.  With bipod and sling.  Second hand, used condition. Commission sale.

Price: £250.00

Norinco Puma

Calibre .22RF .  24″ barrel.  Bolt action.  New gun.

Price: £180.00

Smith & Wesson M&P 15 MOE Model

Calibre .22RF .  18″  barrel.  Semi Auto.  With Walther red dot sight.  Second hand, condition as new.  Commission sale

Price: £675.00

Ruger 1022 Delux

Calibre .22RF .  18″  barrel.  Semi Auto.  3-9×50 scope, Parker Hale silencer, leather sling. Second hand, good condition.  Commission sale

Price: £295.00

Ruger 1022 Synthetic Blue

Calibre .22RF .  18″ barrel.  Semi Auto.  3-9×56 scope, moderator and sling. Second hand, good condition.  Commission sale.

Price: £295.00

Enfield No. 4

Calibre .303 .  Bolt action, 10 shot.  Produced by Savage Arms. Second hand, good condition.  Commission sale.

Price: £550.00


Calibre 7.62 x 55R .  Bolt action.  30″ barrel.  Second hand, fair condition.  Commission sale.

Price: £500.00

Uberti 1866 Yellowboy

Calibre .22RF .  Lever action.  19″ barrel.  Second hand, very nice condition.  Commission sale.

Price: £550.00

Howa Model 1500

Calibre .308 .  Bolt action.  22″ barrel.  Synthetic stock.  Box fed 10 shot.  Nikko Sterling Diamond 3-12 x 56 scope, Sonic 45 silencer.  Second hand, as new condition.  Commission sale.

Price: £1050.00

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